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  • What to Bring?
    Everyday Items: Backpack, Sunscreen (at least 30 SPF), Hat, Rain Jacket, Bug Spray, Sweatshirt Kayaking Day: Swimsuit, Sandals, Towel Biking Day: Sneakers, Shorts, T-Shirt Ropes Course Day: Sneakers, Shorts, T-Shirt Beach Day: Swimsuit, Sandals, Towel Olympics Day: Sneakers, Shorts, T-Shirt
  • Lunch, Snack, Water?
    Please pack your own NUT FREE snack that does not require refrigeration. We have limited space on kayaking and biking day so we request that you bring a snack bar or something that can fit in a zip lock snack size bag. We recommend they have a full breakfast before camp starts. Please bring a water bottle which we will refill for them throughout the day.
  • Where is the drop-off and pick-up location?
    Drop off (8:30am) and pick up (12:30pm) will be at each activity site. One of our staff members will have you sign in/out each day. We ask everyone to be patient while checking in your child. Once your child is checked in, we would like the parents to say goodbye and they can walk over and join the group. When you arrive to pick up your child up, staff will direct your child to walk over to you. Please Click Here to view our activity locations and directions.
  • What happens if I am late to the drop off or pick up?
    If a camper is late for drop-off for biking or kayaking day, the counselors are instructed to wait 15 minutes extra. If you do not arrive within that time, we will depart without you, and you will miss the day as there is no way to get your child into the group after they leave. There will be no partial refunds due to you being late If you are over 15 minutes late from picking up your child, you will need to call us and pick him/her up at our office located in the airport business district.
  • My child has never done these activities before; is this camp appropriate?
    Our camp is designed for all skill levels including those trying an activity for the first time. The only exception is on biking day, all campers must be able to ride a bike without training wheels on pavement and dirt. If your child cannot, they must skip biking day and there will be no partial refund for the day missed.
  • Does my child need to be physically fit?
    Participants do not need to be athletically fit. We cater to everyone's abilities.
  • Can I contact my child during camp?
    You may contact our office at any time and we will be able to reach the campers. Every counselor has a cellular phone and walkie-talkie at all times.
  • Does my child need a physical examination before camp?
    Yes. We require every child provide documentation of a physical examination and immunization records within the past two years before attending camp.
  • What if my child gets sick or injured during camp?
    Any minor injury or acute illness that occurs during the day will be documented and reported to the parents at the end when the campers are being picked up. In the event of a major injury or illness during camp, Martha's Vineyard Adventure Camp will contact the parent or guardian on the emergency contact form.
  • What should I do if my child will not be attending a day of camp?
    Please contact our office at your earliest convenience, preferably the evening before the day your child will not be attending. We can then relay the message to the staff departing each morning.
  • Can parents join their child for a day of camp?
    No. Having parents present during camp affects the camper's ability to socialize and focus on the experience.
  • Is there anything I need to buy for camp?
    No. We provide all the necessary equipment. See the "What to Bring" list for things your child should come to camp with.
  • Can my child bring a cellular phone, video games, music devices or other electronics to camp?
    No. We designed our camp to allow the campers to experience the natural environment without cellular phones or any other electronic gadget. If a child is found with one, the staff will take it and return it to the parents at the end of the day.
  • What are your staff's qualifications?
    All staff have at minimum, a certification in First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguarding. Prior to employment, MVAC conducts background checks (CORI and SORI), and contacts three references.
  • What happens in the event of inclement weather?
    We have had to change our inclement weather day due to Covid-19. To stay 100% outdoors, if there is server weather, we may be forced to cancel or end the day early. If a full day is canceled, we will attempt to have a makeup day on the weekend. If the weather does not allow for the makeup day, unfortunately there will be no refund for the days missed.
  • What is the ratio of campers to counselors?
    We maintain a maximum ratio of 7:1 camper to counselor ratio.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    We work with the Bailey Boyd Associates. Feel free to call them and see if you qualify for their childcare program or give us a call and we can help you get started. Bailey Boyd Associates Website Bailey Boyd Associates Application
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