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Guided Tours

In a Nutshell


Why should kids get to have all the fun? Martha’s Vineyard Adventure Camp offers Guided Tours for adults and children of all ages! Moms, dads, friends, sons, daughters, couples, large groups, and all are welcome! Catering to every group, families and friends get to customize their OWN two hour long adventure! Each tour is customized to your specific wants and needs.


It’s your tour…what would you like to do? Pick whatever you are interested in doing; kayaking, sunset tours, mountain biking, hiking, frisbee golf, snorkeling, clamming, and much more!


Dates: Every day all summer long. 

Weekdays: 8:00am - 8:00pm

Weekends: 8:00am - 8:00pm

Cost:  $60 per person (minimum of 4 people)

Sample Tours

Sunset Kayak Tour






Pick up at your accommodations in our stylish van.


Pull up to Lake Tashmoo Pond where kayaks and gear a wait our arrival. Everyone is outfitted, safety and instructions are reviewed, and we’re on our way paddling after the sun.


Test our kayaking skills while we explore the coves and weave between the pristine anchored boats.


End the paddle at a secluded beach to relax and watch the sun make its way below the horizon.


Bid farewell as everyone is dropped you off at his or her accommodations.

Mountain Biking Tour








Pick up at your accommodations in our stylish van.


Gear up at the trailhead to enter the 1500-acre Manuel F. Correllus State Forest.


Embark on trails where you experience riding on pavement, forest floor, sand, and single track.


Take a break at a hidden pond and let the exploration begin. Explore and catch all types of crabs, tadpoles, fish, turtles and more.


Load the bikes and head to the Frisbee Golf Course, to test your skills on a few holes.


Bid farewell as everyone is dropped you off at his or her accommodations.

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